Epic Mahabharata - Duryodhana Vadham

Photos from Epic Mahabharata

The Kauravas’ hatred for their cousins, which became intense when Dharmaputra conducted the Rajasuya sacrifice, reached a climax when Duryodhana and his brother were laughed at by Bhima during their visit to the Pandavas’ place at Indraprastha. The Kauravas insidiously prevailed upon Dharmaputra to gamble in a game of dice, his opponent being their wicked uncle Sakuni, who has loaded the dice. In the course of the game Dharmaputra lost everything –his army, his palace, his wealth and kingdom. He then staked his brothers one by one and finally his wife and himself. Again he lost, so the Pandavas all became slaves to Duryodhana.

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